Clean & Dry Horse Blankets - Horse Blanket Cleaning & Repair- Fredericksburg, VA

We clean, waterproof & provide full service repairs to keep your horse clean and dry.


Keeping your horse clean and dry requires proper care and maintenance of your blankets and turnouts. There are three simple things you need to do to make your blankets last and Clean & Dry Horse Blankets helps you with all three:

  1. Clean—Keep the blanket clean and maintain the breathability of the blanket fabric.
  2. Waterproof—Protect and reapply a waterproof barrier to the outside blanket fabric when necessary.
  3. Repair—Horses are tough on their blankets repair rips and tears when they happen.


Dirty blankets don’t just smell bad they function bad too. Dirt, manure, urine, sweat and oils from your horses skin clog the tiny pores of the fabric and waterproof-breathable membrane. Regular washing keeps this problem in check, as well as reduces the bacteria level that can cause problems for you and your horse.

Clean & Dry Horse Blankets washes all blankets, turnouts, sheets, fly sheets, etc. in a large industrial front-loading washer using only cold water and multiple rinse cycles. Everything we clean is air-dried and to assure we comply with manufacturer guidelines.

Clean & Dry Horse Blankets uses only a residue-free detergent that is designed for waterproof fabrics removing the toughest stains and odors leaving nothing behind to clog the pores of your trusted fabric. The residue-free detergent not only cleans well it restores the breathability, wicking power, water repellency and loft to synthetic insulation and down. Also, its safe for sensitive skins and is biodegradable. Other detergents will degrade your blanket’s membrane, dramatically shortening its life.


Waterproof-breathable blankets and turnouts operate using two elements. One without the other leaves your horse wet and cold.

  1. A waterproof-breathable membrane or coating is applied during manufacturing  between the liner and outer shell fabric. It’s job is to allow your horse’s sweat or moisture to leave the blanket. You can’t see the membrane unless you have a tear. If we notice your blanket membrane is damaged will will tell you and will not recommend waterproof treatment to the outer shell fabric.
  2. The Durable Waterproof Repellent, DWR or waterproof coating is applied to the face of the outside fabric and keeps the fabric and membrane dry allowing the membrane to do its job and breathe.

Clean & Dry Horse Blanket’s waterproof-treatment process uses the best waterproof repellent available. It is not silicone-based like the cans of spray you can buy and it is not a wash-in, which are both ineffective. Our process focuses on restoring the waterproof coating and creating an excellent waterproof barrier where liquid beads up and rolls off like water off a ducks back—it doesn’t stop there it also provides:

  • Soil resistance to both water-based and oil-based stains.
  • Powerful UV blockers to prevent fading, cracking and premature aging.
  • Retains the breathability of fabric.
  • Delivers a polished finish.

To ensure the effectiveness of this process all blankets being treated must be washed by Clean & Dry Horse Blankets. The process will only bond to a perfectly clean fiber that is washed with the correct detergent.

To protect and get the most out of our waterproof process you should never wash your blanket in regular laundry detergents, always dry blanket before storing it. Clean & Dry Horse Blankets offers mid-season clear water washes to help keep your blanket clean throughout the season.


Clean & Dry Horse Blankets provides full-service sewing and repairs. We stock buckles, snaps, hook and eye closures and velcro and loop to return your blanket to full service. We also stock material to match most blankets, lining and webbing for surcingle, tail and leg straps. All repairs are made with great attention to detail. The finished product is professionally sewn to ensure durability. Sewing repairs start at $5.00 and increase according to the size of the repair and replacement parts. *Items being repaired must be cleaned first.

We also offer customization of blankets. Here’s a few things we can do for you to make your blanket more effective for you and your horse

Rambo double locking velcro closure assembly on chest $16.00
Replace the chest velcro strips that aren’t effective $3.00
Fleece wither pad on the neck of the turnout neck $5.00
Tail flap elastic or webbing – keep the turnout on the rump/tail $2.00
Add leg straps and rings, or remove them $7.00
Add additional belly straps or tail strap assemblies $7.00 and up
Change your chest assemblies to a style you like on other turnouts $Varies
Add leg strap D-ring assemblies to rear surcingles $7.00 and up

If you have other requests please ask, we are here to help and will do our best to accommodate your requests.